Expedición al Amazonas
A trip to the Amazon

Necesitaba el dinero para organizar la expedición al Amazonas. ¿Cómo conseguirlo? Con dos grandes ideas que se convertirían en dos grandes aventuras: primero, traer un témpano desde el Polo Sur.
Segundo, cavar un pozo tan hondo que pemitiera llegar hasta China.

A woman tells her adventures as a girl in the fifties. She wanted to start and expedition to the Amazon and needed money. So she made up two good bussiness. First she swam to the South Pole and got back with an iceberg to sell the ice. Then she tried to dug a hole to China but found a cavern with a dinosaur.
The book was published in Spanish in the USA by Houghton Mifflin. One of the stories was published by MacMillan/McGraw-Hill in Spanish in a text book for bilingual schools (Donde digo, digo) and then it was published in English in Spotlight on Literacy, same publisher.